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Q) What ages do you start? 

A) As young as 4 years old, and sometimes it depends on the child 


Q) What is my child should wear on the first day? 

A) Sweat pants and T-shirt 


Q) Do you have Uniforms (GI)? 

A) Yes we do, in class and we fit your child


Q) How many classes per week? 

A) One class per week, but we encourage the karate students to practice every day after their school homework. 


Q) Do you have any Tournaments? 

A) Yes, twice per year, in May and December. We highly recommend each and every student to participate in the tournament; also it is a requirement for the students who are planning to become black belts. This is how you gage your ability to compete in Kata and Sparing. 


Q) Is there any equipment for my child to purchase besides the uniforms? 

A) Yes, all students have to have sparring equipment to protect themselves and others. Such as hand pads, foot pads, mouth piece, and a supportive cup for boys only. The head gear and chest protectors are optional. 


Q) What if we can’t afford the cost because we have more than one child? 

A) Every session we hand out raffle tickets worth $50.00, this money is 100% for you to use to purchase anything your child needs. This will help most families. 


Q) If I sell my 50 tickets, can I get more? 

A) Absolutely, you could get as many as you want 


Q) When is my child advance to the second level? 

A) At the end of each session, everyone has to test to evaluate the students, there is no such thing as “not ready to test”. The same as their school, when it’s time to test for finals, there is no exceptions. 


Q) What if I have more question? 

A) You always could ask any question, either in class or call (708) 953-5500