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Mr. Husein Qaiesi


In 1981, Mr. Qaiesi started Kenpo in Oak forest, Illinois. 2 years later, Husein joined a Taekwondo school in Midlothian.


In 1986, Husein earned his 1st degree black belt; he was assisting his instructor with teaching the class.


He enjoyed helping new students to achieve their goals in martial arts. In 1992, Husein earned his 2nd degree black belt; in the same year he

trained boxing at Gator gym in Worth, Illinois, he also working at Youth of America Outreach

Program in several locations teaching martial arts.


Husein earned his 3rd degree black belt in 1996 and went on trip to the mother land (South Korea) for 9 days. “It was a trip of a life time,”

he said.


In the meantime, Husein attended many seminars learning joint locks, pressure points, small circle jujitsu and arnis (Filipino sticks). Husein’s passion is to help children and adults learn martial arts.


“Now I have my children and my granddaughter practicing with us and I love it”, Husein said.


From 2003 – 2013 Husein taught self‐defense classes, FM‐107, at Purdue University Calumet,

where he graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.


With a full time job, family, and karate instructor, that didn’t stop Husein from earning his MBA in 2008 from Argosy University in Schaumburg.


“This sport is for everyone, this is the only sport that allows you to be with your child in the same class

at the same time.


If we could do it, so can you. Come and join us.”