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Mr. Kenneth Batilo


Ken started martial arts training by the age of 10 in February of 1996.

He has trained with Mr. Qaiesi

for about 15, from the early years of Youth of America to what we know now as Karate Unlimited.


He has also trained with Mr. Qaiesi at American Taekwondo Association (ATA) from 1997‐1999 at the Oak

Forest location, learning one‐step sparring, additional self‐defense techniques, and weapons.


As well as training in Kook Sool Kwon in Melrose Park. He continued his training until he moved to Washington state for 2 years.


When he returned in 2007, he continued his training with Mr. Qaiesi but also started taking classes in Kung Fu at Bei Dou Kung Fu in the Naperville location to obtain new knowledge and to take on a new challenge in his martial arts journey.


After achieving his 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, he continued to train with Mr. Qaiesi and started creating his own forms to improve his skills and creativity.


Ken has been teaching/assisting Mr. Qaiesi since he was 13, and very knowledgeable of all forms, stances, techniques, and attention to detail.


With over 15 years of experience, he has gained knowledge of how to teach each individual student to his/her skill level.


Ken has been in many demonstrations in numerous events such as body building event, numerous tournaments, and parades in Bolingbrook and at China town.


He competed in many tournaments,

starting with the local closed tournaments hosted by Youth of America. Placing 1st in forms/kata and 2nd in sparring on his first tournament as a white belt.


Later to compete at state wide tournaments with ATA in Ohio, Indiana and Iowa, most placing in the top 4 spots.


He also competed on his first

Chinese Martial arts Tournament in 2013 and won 2 gold medals for Long Fist and Broadsword.