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Mr. Lance Skelly


Martial Arts Background and Personal Information:


Mr. Skelly is a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He has been studying martial arts for 20 years, teaching for 12 years and has had many locations of his own.


Mr. Skelly is married to his wife Jessica and they have a son named Blake. He hopes that they will be black belts in the future.


Martial Arts Specialties:


Board breaking

Brick breaking

Self defense techniques



Mr. Skelly's goal is to make sure that each student learns discipline and each student learns to grow and become the best martial artist to their ability.


Also to motivate each student to do great things even outside martial arts and strive to succeed in life and to hopefully be a great martial arts teacher one day.



Mr. Skelly's dream is to see Karate Unlimited USA continue to grow and make our martial arts family bigger and see our students become future black belts and great leaders.