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Karate Unlimited Rules:


1. Bow to the flag and your instructor when entering and leaving the school or training area. This is to show

    respect and your modesty.


2. Do not enter or leave the class without permission from your instructor during class.


3. Students must use words of consideration and respect while speaking to others; such as Yes Sir, No Sir, Yes

    Ma’am, No Ma’am, Pardon me, etc.            


4. All students are expected to be courteous and understanding.  Advanced students are expected to set good  

    examples to new students, and to assist such students whenever necessary.


5. No horse play, loud conversations or excessive laughing during class.


6. For safety reasons, students are not allowed to chew gum during class.


7. For safety reasons, students must remove all jewelry during class, this includes wristwatches.


8. For safety reasons your fingernails and toenails must be clipped.


9. Your uniform must be clean at all times.


10. Must be in complete and properly worn uniform at all times.


11. Sparring equipment is mandatory after the second week


12. Do not use any of the techniques learned at this school except to protect the well-being of yourself or the  



13. All students are to help pick up equipment after class.


14. Do not leave water bottles, papers, etc. lying around. (We have trash cans and would appreciate your    

      cooperation in helping us keep a clean school).


15. Sparring - Always shake your sparring partner’s hand before and after a sparring session.  


16. Distractions - Do not talk while the instructor is talking. It distracts those who are trying to learn and it is

      disrespectful to the teacher, as well as other students.


17. Coaching - Parents, please do not coach or instruct your child on what to do while training because you

      may tell them something that is incorrect or not safe to do for themselves or the other students. Coaching  

      is only done by the instructors.


18. Cell Phones – If your cell phone rings during class, please silence it.


19. Language - Do not use any profanity.


20. Make up classes. If you miss any classes due to illness or vacation, you could make them up by attending

      two classes and paying for two classes when you return.




a- You must ask the instructor for permission to test at the beginning for the session


b- You must know all the forms, you must demonstrate, memorization, strength, stances, focus and respect.  

   You must compete at least two tournaments since you became a brown belt and volunteer at the  



c- You must break boards at two stations successfully, with the boards that Karate Unlimited Provides


d- You need to write an essay (two or more pages) on why you want to test for Black Belt


e-  In your essay, you need to write your goal after earning your black belt


f- You have to lead the class after you become a first degree brown belt at least 15 times


g- After earning your first degree black belt, it’s the instructor’s discretion to allow you to test for second    

    degree black belt, if you were permitted to test for a second degree black belt, testing will be as follows:


           * First year- You will be tested on all the katas and board break at three stations;

                 ♦ Station 1- Hand technique (not a palm heel if you used it before) eg. Knife hand, inverted knife  

                     hand, hammer fist, ridge hand or inverted ridge hand.

                 ♦ Station 2- and Station 3, you must use two different kicks, one must be a Reverse Kick. If you  

                     pass you will be given a pre-second degree black belt.


           * Second year- You will be tested on all the katas and board break at three

                 ♦ Station 1- Hand technique (that you have not use before)

                 ♦ Station 2- Kick must be either a jump front kick or a jump round kick

                 ♦ Station 3- Kick, must be either a spin heel kick or jump reverse side kick. if you pass you will be  

                    given a second degree recommended    


           * Third and final year- You will be tested on your creativity. At this time you should be able to put  

              together a form that you start at one point, and finish at the same point. Also a minimum of 25 and  

              maximum of 35 moves, using advance hand techniques and advance foot techniques. And board  

              break must be one station only  

                 ♦ Jump side kick over 3 obstacles

              If you pass you will be given a Second Degree Black Belt, Also you will be given a new

              uniform with your name printed on it


h- You have to attend at least 4 tournaments