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Mr. Scott Gloss


Mr. Gloss started training in martial arts in 1982 as a young boy. He took classes at numerous schools of various styles throughout the years.


He has always enjoyed all aspects of the art including its philosophy and the discipline that martial arts teaches.


Mr. Gloss was born in Chicago and other than four years in Germany has lived in the Chicagoland area his whole life always in search of additional martial arts knowledge.


Martial Arts and other MMA Experience:


* Tae Kwon Do — South Korean style

* Shaolin Kung Fu — Chinese style

* Kenpo — Japanese style    

  (sometimes known as Kempo)

* Arnis — Filipino style

* Muay Thai — Thailand style

* Boxing — US Amateur Boxing

  (USA Boxing)

* Wrestling — Jr. High and High

* School Varsity team


Martial Arts Weapons:


* Bo Staff

* Kali Sticks

* Knife

* Throwing Star

* Nunchuck




Mr. Gloss has been married for over 20 years and is the father of four.

His wife and four kids also study martial arts through Karate Unlimited.


His wife, Sara, and oldest daughter, Kendall, are first degree black belts and also teach. His other daughters, Avery and Shelby are both second degree brown belts while his son Cole has recently began at Karate Unlimited.




Mr. Gloss works in downtown Chicago at an engineering firm where he designs power stations at various locations throughout the country.




Mr. Gloss goals and desires are to teach and share his enthusiasm of martial arts with everyone.